Understanding Comic Book Insurance

What is comic book insurance?

Comic book insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage or loss to comic books due to a variety of causes, such as fire, theft, flood, and other natural disasters.

What items does comic book insurance cover?

Comic book insurance can typically cover any type of comic book, including single issues, graphic novels, and collections, including rare, unique, or novel comic books. There are many different types of collectible comics that are highly sought after by collectors. Some examples include:

Golden Age Comics: These are comics that were published in the 1930s and 1940s, and include some of the earliest and most iconic superhero stories. Examples of Golden Age comics include Batman No. 1, Superman No. 1, and Action Comics No. 1.

Silver Age Comics: These are comics that were published in the 1950s and 1960s, and include many of the most popular and enduring characters in the comics industry. Examples of Silver Age comics include The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1, The Fantastic Four No. 1, and The Incredible Hulk No. 1.

Bronze Age Comics: These are comics that were published in the 1970s and 1980s, and include many of the most popular and influential storylines and characters of that era. Examples of Bronze Age comics include The New Teen Titans No. 1, The X-Men No. 1, and The Avengers No. 1.

Modern Age Comics: These are comics that have been published since the 1990s, and include many of the most popular and critically acclaimed comics of the modern era. Examples of Modern Age comics include Batman: The Killing Joke, Watchmen, and The Walking Dead No. 1.

Do I need to insure my comic books?

Whether you need fine comic book insurance depends on the value and rarity of your collection. If you have a collection of items that are rare, valuable, or sentimental to you, it may be worth considering comic book insurance. This insurance can provide peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected against unexpected events.

What types of losses are covered?

Each provider is different. Oyster offers an all-risk policy that provides comprehensive coverage for comic books. This policy covers losses caused by a variety of events, including, but not limited to, accidental breakage, burglary, fires, lightning, loss in transit, and water damage. See our collectibles page for more information.

Do I need comic book insurance if I have homeowners or renters insurance?

While homeowners and renters insurance does provide some coverage for personal belongings, it may not be enough to fully protect your collectible, such as comic books 

Homeowners insurance usually limits property coverage to a percentage of the total value of your home. This may not be enough to replace your collection if it were ever destroyed, damaged, or stolen. Additionally, even if the policy provides enough coverage in terms of dollar value, it may only offer limited coverage for comic books. A standard homeowners policy will have a limit of $500-$2,000 for comic books, but specialist comic book insurance can provide coverage up to $1,000,000.

Comic book insurance policies may also provide coverage for your collection outside of your home as well. For example, you can customize a policy to cover your items while they are in transit through the mail, while you are traveling with them, while they are stored in a facility, or while they are on display at an exhibit. This can provide additional protection for your valuable items, ensuring that they are covered in a variety of different situations.

In addition, homeowners and renters insurance does not typically provide coverage for the risk of accidental breakage of comic books and other fragile items. Accidental breakage is a relatively common occurrence and can be costly to insure, but is an important consideration when comparing insurance options.

Comic book insurance provides benefits that are not typically available through standard home insurance policies or scheduled property endorsements. This can make it an attractive option for collectors of rare or valuable items who want to ensure that their investments are fully protected.

How much does comic book insurance cost?

The cost of comic book insurance will vary depending on the value of your collection and the level of coverage you need.

When looking for comic book insurance, it's important to look for policies that provide full market value coverage, rather than cash value. These types of policies may cost between 1% and 2% of the insured value of your collection. For example, a $10,000 piece may cost approximately $100-200 per year in premium payments to insure. Multiple collections can also be covered under the same policy.

It takes less than 2 minutes to get a quote for a policy with Oyster, so that's the best way to find out exactly how much insurance will cost you.

How do I value my collection?

When applying for insurance, it is your responsibility to determine the value of your comic collection. An insurance appraisal may not be required at the time of application, but it will be necessary for the event of a claim. The appraisal should be recent, generally within the past 3-5 years, and should be conducted in person, not through an online appraisal system. 

At a minimum, an appraisal should include your address, the date of the appraisal, the value of the comic collection, and a detailed description of it. It should also include the name and in-person signature of the appraiser and their contact information. 

There are several ways to get an idea of the value of your comic book collection:

Consult a professional grading service: Professional grading services, such as CGC (Certified Guaranty Company) or CBCS (Comic Book Certification Service), can examine your comics and provide you with a detailed assessment of their condition and value.

Check online price guides: There are several online price guides, such as the Overstreet Price Guide or GoCollect, that can provide you with an idea of the value of your comics based on their condition, age, and other factors.

Consult a comic book dealer: Comic book dealers are professionals who specialize in buying and selling comics, and can often provide you with a more accurate assessment of the value of your collection.

Check auction results: You can also check the results of recent auctions of similar comics to get an idea of their current market value. Websites like eBay and Heritage Auctions can be a good resource for this.

It's important to note that the value of a comic book can vary depending on a variety of factors, and the value of your collection may be different from the values listed in price guides or reported at auctions.

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