What is a General Liability Policy?

A general liability policy provides protection from accidents and unexpected expenses that arise as a part of normal business operations. This can include injury on business property, costs associated with damaging others’ property, many types of lawsuits, and more. Getting a liability insurance policy with Oyster includes additional benefits as well, some of which include getting a highly competitive rate, coverage tailored to your business needs, and an online application and servicing experience.

What does it cover?

Injury and medical payments

Covers injury and medical payments to people who are not employees if it occurs on your property, or otherwise by your products or operations.

Lawsuits and legal fees

Covers legal and court fees if your business is sued for reasons including false or misleading advertising, libel, slander, copyright infringement, and more – regardless of fault.

Damage to others’ property

Covers property and legal costs associated with accidentally damaging others’ property.

Who needs a General Liability Policy?

Although not required by law, most businesses should consider purchasing a liability policy to protect themselves from costs arising from unanticipated risks of their property, operations, and products. More specifically, a General Liability policy could be right for you if:

You work in an industry with liability risks

Think about the liability risks in your industry. For example: construction trades risk injury and damage on property they work on; stores and restaurants risk slips and falls; cleaning businesses risk financial losses if they break something on the job.

You need proof of liability insurance

Certain parties may require you to show proof of liability insurance – to meet government compliance requirements, to lease commercial space, to work on others’ property to name just a few scenarios.

You want to focus on growing your business

Having liability insurance protects you from expensive, and sometimes meritless, claims that could prove to be significant setbacks to your business.

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