Why do electronics businesses need insurance?

Businesses that sell electronics and electronics services typically have a wide range of risks, including in-store risks such as theft, damage, slips, and injuries and service risks, such as on-site repair damage, product and professional liability, and more. Oyster can help reduce your exposure to these risks by getting you the right coverage for your business.

What coverage do electronics businesses need?

General Liability

General Liability (GL) protects your business from legal claims and liability that arise from your operations. Electronics businesses in particular carry many inherent liability risks, such as damage or injury that occurs on your property or advertising harm, so GL is always recommended.

Business Owner’s

Business Owner’s (BOP) combines your liability and property coverages to protect you from liability lawsuits, theft, and lost business income.

Product Liability

Product liability protects electronics stores and manufacturers in the event of damages or malfunction resulting from improper design or manufacturing of a product that was sold to a customer. 

Professional Liability

Professional liability protects electronics shops that provide assembly, repair, diagnostic, and other services from claims resulting from mistakes, accidents, and damages.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation ensures that your employees are covered from on-site injury and illness, including lost wages and medical expenses.

What types of electronics businesses can Oyster cover?

Oyster can cover most types of electronics businesses, including electronics retailers, manufacturers, repair shops for cell phones, televisions, computers, appliances, and more. 

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