What is a Business Owner’s Policy?

A business owner’s policy (colloquially known as a BOP) is a common bundle that combines essential coverage for small businesses, including general liability and commercial property. Many businesses need both types of coverage and typically pay less when they bundle them together. Getting a BOP with Oyster includes additional benefits as well, some of which include getting a highly competitive rate, coverage tailored to your business needs, and an online application and servicing experience.

What does it cover?

Business Property

Protects your building and its contents from damage and theft.


Covers any accidents, injuries, and other forms of legal liability arising from your operations, product functionality, advertising mistakes, and more.


Ensures your business operations continue in case of unexpected income interruption, including additional expenses.

Legal fees

A BOP often covers fees required by attorneys and courts in case of lawsuits against your business.

Who needs a Business Owner’s Policy?

Most businesses that need commercial property and liability coverage could benefit from combining the two individual policies into one. Examples of these businesses include: retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and service professionals. More generally, a business owner’s policy could be right for you if:

Your business owns or leases physical property

If your business has a physical place of business, whether it’s owned, leased, or part of your home, a BOP would cover it and its contents.

Your business has public-facing operations or products

If your business interacts with the public by means of its operations or products, a BOP would cover liability when something goes wrong, including medical bills if someone injures themselves on your property.

Your business has property it wants to protect from theft and damage

A BOP covers your business-critical property so that you can continue to operate in case of accidents, vandalism, theft, and more.

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