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Oyster is designed to be flexible and tailor-made for everyday consumers. Set coverage based on your needs.

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Oyster is backed by top-rated industry leaders and is fully compliant with state regulations.

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Typical insurance policies are rigid, but life is unpredictable. Oyster's policies are by default flexible, and let you instantly customize them to your needs.

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I insured my road bike with Oyster because of their competitive rates and intuitive user interface. I was happy to see that the signup process was smooth and that customer support was quick to answer any questions I had. I couldn't recommend Oyster more.

04/05/2022 by Saad S.

Simple to use product, it was very easy to get my insurance policy set up from start to finish

10/20/2022 by Ronnel B.

Oyster was seamless to work with and the initial quote only took a few minutes. I also recently had my bike stolen and submitting my claim and receiving reimbursement was a relatively painless and straightforward process!

10/20/2022 by Rex S.

Amazing service!

09/30/2022 by

Oyster is easy to apply. The process was quick.

10/23/2022 by

The insurance was easy to setup and is not overpriced.

08/15/2022 by

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