What is a Rental Insurance Policy?

A rental insurance policy protects your business, your riders, and your property for risks that arise from renting to customers. Oyster offers the first-of-its-kind dual rental insurance program that can cover liability and pay-as-you-go rental theft and damage, which can actually make you money. Get in touch to explore Oyster’s completely self-serve rental theft and damage program, along with benefits such as free rental agreement signature collections, protection for your property while it’s rented out, and extra operating income for every rental through your shop.

What does it cover?

Theft and Damage

Oyster’s rental theft and damage program covers theft and damage to assets and associated accessories you rent out.


Oyster’s standalone rental liability policy covers your shop in case your renters damage property during a rental or your renters make a legal claim against your business.

Who needs a Rental Insurance policy?

Rental businesses face unique risks – not only when they entrust the care of their property to renters, but also from the inherent risks of running a rental business. Businesses should consider rental insurance if:

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