How To Store & Look After Your Bike?

If you own a bicycle or ebike, you need to store it somewhere when you aren’t using it. The following guide covers some of the best tips for bike storage, including different methods for storing bikes and how to care for your bike or eBike.

Things to Consider When Storing Your Bicycle

So, how should you store your bike? That depends on a few things, like space, the size and weight of the bike, and your personal needs.

Your Storage Space

Firstly, what does your space look like? Will you be keeping it in a house or an apartment? In a garage or storage shed? The kind of space and how much room you will have is important to consider because it has a large impact on which method you will choose.

For example, a simple floor rack will work great in a roomy garage, but you may want to use a wall mount if you’ll be keeping your bike in a small apartment. The size of the storage space will largely determine what method of storage you use.

How Much Does Your Bike Weigh?

A heavy bike or one that is very large may be better suited for a floor rack or mount than a wall or ceiling mount. Drywall is often weak and not great for hanging heavy items without special considerations. Also, mounting a bike on the wall could cause damage to the wall as well as the bike if it falls.

Keeping Your Bike Secure

If you aren’t keeping your bike inside your home, you may be worried about someone stealing it. Ask yourself how many people will have access to your bike. Consider adding a bike lock or even a security camera to your set-up to prevent theft.

Different Ways to Store Your Bicycle

There are many different ways to store and mount your bike. Some of the most common methods are listed here:

  • Wall mounts: Can be used vertically or horizontally
  • Ceiling mounts: Hang the bike from the ceiling out of the way
  • Kickstands: Keeps bike upright; great for indoor space or garage
  • Floor stands: Holds bike upright on the floor in a secure way
  • Freestanding floor racks: Holds bike upright, can use with a bike lock
  • Travel case: Great way to store bicycle safely when traveling

There are a few things to consider when deciding where and how you will store your bicycle. The following section explains some ways you can store your bike depending on the kind of space you will be using.

In Your House

Most people want to store their bicycle in a way that saves space in their home. Typically, this will mean using a wall mount. A very simple method is to use wall hooks to hang the bike on the wall. If space isn’t an issue in your house, consider using the bike's kickstand and tucking the bike into an empty corner, under the staircase, or in an extra storage closet.

In Your Apartment

Saving space is paramount in a small apartment. Try mounting your bike on the wall or on the back of your door. If you have a porch or balcony area, consider storing it out there with a freestanding bike rack and a bike lock. If you have high ceilings, you can also do a ceiling mount.

In Your Garage

In a nice roomy garage, you can go with a simple kickstand or floor rack to keep your bicycle upright. Wall-mounted hooks and ceiling mounts are also an option, especially in a small or crowded garage. You can even use a pulley system for your ceiling mount for easy access.

In a Storage Shed

Options for a storage shed are similar to the ones for a garage. There is typically less space in a storage shed, so consider space-saving options like wall or ceiling mounts. The best way to save space here is by horizontal wall mounts, especially for multiple bicycles. If your shed door does not lock, consider also adding a bike lock to this storage solution.


Inside is best, but sometimes you don’t have that option. If you have to keep your bike outside, protect it from the elements by creating a tarp tent over it or using a bicycle cover. Keep it upright, and add a bike lock to your set-up to prevent theft.

How to Care for and Store your eBike

You may be wondering how to look after eBikes. Maintaining an eBike is similar to maintaining a bicycle. It’s best to store them in a cool, dry place. They can be stored upright with a floor rack, or you can use a wall mount if your wall is strong enough.

The battery on an ebike is waterproof, so you can wash regularly with bike shampoo and water. Keeping the drivetrain clean is the most important. If it looks dirty, you can wipe it clean and use some degreaser on it to keep it working smoothly.

Final Thoughts

Bicycle and eBike storage and care are important to consider, and you want to extend their lives as long as possible. Proper storage, cleaning, and maintenance go a long way toward extending the life of a bike or eBike.

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