Retail & Commerce Crime Insurance

In the intricate tapestry of retail and commerce, businesses aren't just focused on inventory turnover and customer satisfaction. Behind the scenes, there lurks the perpetual shadow of potential crime—be it from external sources or, at times, from within the organization itself.

Retail & Commerce Crime Insurance acts as a safeguard, providing a robust shield against the financial implications of dishonest acts, ensuring that businesses can confidently march forward even when faced with adversities of a criminal nature.

Who Needs Crime insurance?

Every retail and commerce entity, from the boutique jewelry store downtown to sprawling e-commerce platforms, stands at risk of being affected by crime. Whether it's a sophisticated cyber theft, employee dishonesty, or a good old-fashioned shoplifting incident, Crime Insurance becomes a necessary bulwark against such unforeseen losses.

Coverage Highlights

  • Employee Dishonesty: Covers losses resulting from fraudulent acts or theft by employees.
  • Forgery or Alteration: Protects against losses from altered checks, drafts, or any written commitments.
  • Funds Transfer Fraud: Addresses financial losses from unauthorized electronic funds transfers.
  • Money and Securities: Covers theft, disappearance, or destruction of money and securities both on and off business premises.

Key Features

  • Broad Definition of Employee: Policies often encompass not just full-time staff but also temporary workers, leased employees, and sometimes even former employees.
  • Cyber Crime Protection: With the growing digitization of retail, protection against cyber crimes, including phishing and hacking, becomes pivotal.
  • Inclusive Coverage: Offers protection both on-premises (physical locations like stores) and in transit (like moving money to a bank).


  • Accounting Errors: Losses from clerical or accounting mistakes are typically not covered.
  • Indirect Loss: While the direct loss from a crime is covered, consequential losses, like loss of market, may not be.
  • Authorized Access: Losses from fraudulent acts by someone with authorized access to funds, like a bank, may not always be covered.

Claim Scenario

  • A trusted cashier at a retail outlet has been subtly skimming cash from daily sales. Over time, the cumulative loss is substantial. Crime Insurance steps in to cover the financial loss.
  • An e-commerce platform falls victim to a phishing scam, leading to unauthorized fund transfers. The policy aids in recouping the lost funds.


  • Financial Stability: Ensures that businesses don't suffer significant financial setbacks due to crimes.
  • Enhanced Trust: Employees and stakeholders alike find solace in the fact that the business is well-prepared against potential crime.
  • Operational Continuity: Even in the wake of a criminal incident, businesses can maintain their operations with minimal disruption.

Cost Factors

  • Business Type and Size: Larger businesses or those in high-risk sectors might attract higher premiums.
  • Security Measures: Implementation of robust security measures, both digital and physical, can lead to discounted rates.
  • Claim History: A history with numerous past claims can influence premium costs upwards.


  1. Does Crime Insurance cover digital crimes? Yes, modern policies typically cover digital crimes like phishing, hacking, and unauthorized electronic funds transfers.
  2. How does this differ from General Liability Insurance? While General Liability covers claims like injuries or property damage, Crime Insurance specifically addresses financial losses due to criminal acts.
  3. Is off-premises coverage necessary? For businesses that transfer funds, move money to banks, or have other off-site financial activities, it's a prudent addition.

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In the bustling corridors of retail and commerce, where the rhythm of business never ceases, Retail & Commerce Crime Insurance stands as a watchful protector. It ensures that the unexpected blows dealt by criminal acts, both from within and outside, do not derail the unwavering journey of business growth and prosperity.

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